Foot Golf

Foot golf is almost as simple as it sounds. It’s Golf, played with a Soccer Ball instead of a Golf Ball, and your feet instead of clubs. Perfect for any age and skill level, it is a game that is fun to play but difficult enough to keep even the most competitive of players coming back for more. There are par 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s, and the rules are very similar to Golf in most respects. Even the attire is designed to reflect the games golf origins, with many choosing to pursue a Payne Stewart type look, complete with multicolored knee length argyle socks. It is a game not intended to replace Golf, but is intended to allow people of all ages and skill levels to take advantage of the beautiful property and outdoor space for a fun activity normally reserved for a select few. If your a fan of Soccer, Golf, Fun, or any combination of the three, come out to Meriwether today and check out Footgolf, the newest addition to our Course.

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